Welcome to Create with Me…


Hi and welcome!

The website is currently in progress and we are working diligently to complete the design and get the page content done. Please have patience as we get things up and running.

If you reached this page you may have an interest in essential oils and were either given one of my beautiful business cards or someone sent you the link…OR…you are looking for a developer to build a WordPress website for you. Either way I am happy you are here!

While the site is in development…if you are here for additional info on essential oils you can visit the Diamond Droppers…and if you are interested in having a website designed and built you can contact me directly at cr8wme@gmail.com

If you know you love essential oils and want to join me on this journey just click on the link below and get started today as a member of the Lemon Droppers team of Young Living Distributors.


Keep checking back to see how amazing the new website is coming along. I am excited to have a place to hold ideas, DIYs, feature website work, quilts, handmade jewelry, food recipes, yoga info and much much more…come create with me (cr8wme) a life of passion, love, fun, health and wellness, and of course essential oils!

Lover of all things healthy and Essential Oil Enthusiast,

Lucy Knutson Conn